Why Choose Us As your Chicago Bankruptcy Law Firm

The Benefits Of Our Chicago Bankruptcy Law Firm

Our attorney must be someone you can rely on to provide outstanding representation while always acting with honesty and integrity. At Billbusters, Borges and Wu, LLC. you will find that high standard of legal excellence and more. Below are some of the ways in which “Billbusters” is not your average Chicago bankruptcy law firm.

  • You will speak with a lawyer: Only our experienced bankruptcy and consumer rights lawyers answer the phones. Unlike many of our competitors, who rely on paralegals, clerks and customer service professionals to answer their calls, we ensure that you get to speak with an actual bankruptcy and consumer rights attorney.
  • You will always consult with a lawyer: When you schedule an appointment with us, you are guaranteed to meet with one of our attorneys. We do not use paralegals to screen clients or for initial consultations as so many do. You will sit down with an experienced bankruptcy and consumer rights attorney and get quality legal advice.
  • Free consultations: We still believe that your initial in-person consultation should be free. Many of our competitors will charge you $100 – $300 just to meet with an attorney, whether or not they can help you and whether or not you choose to retain them. We don’t believe that is fair. The only time we charge a consultation fee is for complex business cases, not for personal bankruptcies.
  • Zero Down or Low retainers: We file cases with no money down for qualified individuals. If we do require a retainer, we generally will start your case with as little as $100 down. Of course, you only put that down if you choose to retain us after the No Obligation Consultation.
  • Reasonable fees: We don’t work for free, but we also do not believe in charging more than a case is worth. When you consult with one of our attorneys, all fees and costs will be fully disclosed in writing before you put down a retainer and those fees will be fair and reasonable.
  • Flexible payment plans: You are not calling us because you have a lot of money to spare and we understand that. We will work out a payment plan with you that you can afford. If a problem comes up and that plan has to be modified, simply call us. We will work with you.
  • Our business is ONLY bankruptcy and consumer rights: We don’t do personal injury cases. We don’t do Workman’s Comp., or Real Estate, or Divorce, or anything other than bankruptcy and consumer rights. We spend all of our time and effort to ensure that we maintain the highest level of skill in the practice of bankruptcy and consumer rights law. Isn’t that the kind of focus you want from your attorney?
  • We practice ONLY in the Chicagoland area: Bankruptcy and consumer rights in the Chicagoland area is all we do. Every federal district has its own local rules. Every judge has his or her own standing orders. Every bankruptcy trustee has his or her own process. You want your attorneys to know these details inside and out. That’s difficult to do when you practice in multiple states, each with multiple federal districts, judges and trustees. We’re certainly not the biggest bankruptcy and consumer rights firm in the nation. We’re not the biggest firm in Chicago. We are, however, local, focused on bankruptcy and consumer rights and have a history of helping residents in Chicago get out from unmanageable debt.
  • EXPERIENCE COUNTS!: Every attorney at Billbusters, Borges and Wu, LLC. has multiple years of experience in practicing bankruptcy and consumer rights. Nobody is fresh out of law school; nobody does bankruptcy on the side and nobody has come to us after failing in some other area of law. All of our attorneys practice bankruptcy and consumer rights exclusively because this is what we want to do and we are exceptionally good at it.
  • Convenient office locations: There is no reason for you to go downtown to hire a quality attorney. We currently maintain seven offices in and around Chicago for your convenience. Help should never be too far from home and we make sure it is not.
  • Convenient hours: While Congress may not want to believe it, we know that most of you work hard for a living. That’s why we make sure that our offices are open during the day, into the evening and on Saturdays. We can find time to meet when it’s convenient for you, not just when it’s convenient for us.
  • Easy access to an attorney: Once you retain Billbusters, Borges and Wu, LLC., you will be able to get your questions answered and problems addressed on your schedule by one of our experienced attorneys. Many of our competitors collar you with designated calling hours or let paralegals answer your questions. Not us. In addition, you will have the direct email address of your attorney for even more access. You deserve such access when you hire an attorney to assist you.

Contact us online or call 312-853-0200 to find out what you need to know when considering filing for bankruptcy. Our experienced Illinois bankruptcy lawyers are ready to help.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.