C. Williams, Chicago, IL

“Hi I just want to say that my Chapter 13 Case was really well prepared by one of the attorneys at Billbusters, Borges and Wu, LLC.& Borges, LLC. The firm in which he works for gave me excellent care and service. I highly recommend this company for helping anyone who desires to reach their goal of changing their way of Debt Relief. Thank You So Very Much For Your Help It Was Truly Needed!!”

J. Lamont, South Holland, IL

“Talk about getting the job done! I was off work for a few months, missed a couple of car payments and my car got repo’d. I went to see Billbusters at 9 am on a Tuesday. By noon they had my Chapter 13 filed and I was able to pick up my car on the same day. These guys knocked it out of the park for me.”

Matt & Pat, Evanston, IL

“Andrew is not only great attorneys, but they are the nicest people we have ever worked with. They got our case filed quickly, stopping the foreclosure on our home, walked us through the loan modification process, got rid of our second mortgage, negotiated a payment plan that we can easily afford and answered all of my million questions. I thought I was driving them crazy, but they never lost their patience and were nothing but compassionate. If you need help, call Billbusters.”

T. Wells, Schaumburg, IL

“Billbusters gives you excellent service at a fair fee. I went to two other law firms that I had seen on TV before meeting with Billbusters. Neither of these attorneys could take more than ten minutes to meet with me, but both of them were going to charge me over $2,000 for my case. I’m bankruptcy, how could I afford that? When I met with Billbusters, the attorney took forty five minutes to discuss my case with me (at a No Obligation Consultation), then quoted me a much lower fee and put me on a payment plan that I could actually afford. Why would anyone go anywhere else and pay more when you can go to Billbusters?”

M. Davis, North Riverside, IL

“I made a lot of mistakes as a kid. I ran up parking tickets and red light camera tickets, took out loans I shouldn’t have and basically ruined my credit. When my car got booted, I knew that I had to take action. I called Billbusters and they got me on the right track. They put me into a Chapter 13 plan that I can afford, but more than that, they took the time to walk me through my budget and really lay out where I was wasting money. I make a good living, but never seemed to have an extra dollar in my pocket. Now I understand why. I will complete my bankruptcy plan and I will not get into trouble like this again. Thank you for all of your help.”

L. Fisher, Bolingbrook, IL

“I missed a few payments in my Chapter 13 when my daughter got sick and I had to help her. The trustee tried to dismiss my case, but as soon as they tried, my lawyer at Billbusters came to the rescue. He filed a motion that put my missed payments at the back end of my payment plan and got the motion to dismiss my case denied. I honestly thought I was going to have to refile my case, but my lawyer told me, actually told me, that doing so would only mean that I would have to pay more in lawyer fees and he wasn’t going to let that happen. You just can’t find honesty like that anymore. My case is back on track and it’s thanks to Billbusters.”